The Structure and Board of Probus

The Society is managed by a voluntary Board, who meet on a quarterly basis, and work together to ensure the effective operation of the Society.


Sarah has a long history with Probus and is responsible for the delivery of the Strategic Plan for the organisation. She participates in a wide range of activities to ensure the Society has access to current information on issues that influence the direction of community housing provision in England. Working closely with the Board of Directors she ensures they have access to appropriate information that enables them to manage the organisation in an efficient and effective manner.

Sarah Staines, Chair, Probus Housing

                              “It came out of a group of single womens’ need to effect change, and our aim now is to achieve excellence in the provision of affordable housing ” 

Sarah Staines—Chair of Probus

Members of the Board have a wide range of experience including legal, housing, financial, development and charity to aid Probus in the delivery of its services and plans.

 The principal function of the Board is to:

  • Agree the future direction of the Society
  • Agree policies and plans for future development and the management and maintenance of existing properties
  • Agree the Annual Budget
  • Monitor the performance of the Society in accordance with the above
  • Approve the Annual Rent Increase

 Board Members are:

  • Sarah Staines (Chair)  - Principal - Touchstone Law Practice
  • Dee O'Neill - (Vice Chair) Senior New Business Manager
  • Ian Bate - Retired (Former Head of Finance National Housing Federation)
  • Alexis Ernst - Principal - Pirouette Consulting
  • Kate Lawrence - Retired (Former Senior Computer Technical Analyst)
  • Wendy Charlton - Business Development Director - RCKa Architects

Our Company Secretary is Margaret Swinson. 

Sub Committees

The detailed business of Probus is managed through 2 subcommittees, Finance & Contracts and Property.  Both subcommittees are made up of members of the main Board.