Probus Membership and Members Fees

Women with Laptop at Probus Womens Housing AssociationIf you would like to support the aims of Probus Women's Housing Society and wish to become a General Member of the Society, please complete a Membership Application Form by downloading it here or by contacting:

Margaret Swinson on or write to:

Probus Women's Housing Society
Gladstone House
2 Church Road
L15 9EG

Membership is through the purchase of one share which is set at a one off payment of £1.  General Membership applications will be approved or declined at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Probus. Once approved, Members are able to use the benefit of the Loan Stock Option.

Loan Stock

One of the ways the Society funds its activities is the issue of short term Loan Stock to its members. Stock issued by the Society reduces the need for commercial borrowing. Tax legislation in the UK enables interest on stock held by those resident in the UK to be paid gross.

Loan stock is generally redeemable 12-24 months after issue and interest is paid at fixed intervals between issue and redemption. When stock is issued it is offered to all members and the usual minimum investment is £100. The society seeks to offer stock at interest rates which are competitive, particularly to small investors who are usually offered lower rates in the commercial sector.