Lots of women nowadays choose to live alone for a number of reasons, however, with the perks of living alone also come disadvantages, with safety being the biggest concern. Remain vigilant at all times and commit these tip to memory.Remai 


  • Get to know your surroundings. Familiarise yourself with the lay of the land identifying places that tend to be dark or deserted at certain hours, as well as places where a person can hide. 


  • Always keep your doors locked. This is a tried and tested safety tip. Many burglars claim that they won’t enter a residence if they can’t get in under a minute. Be sure to lock your windows as well, as these can also be entry points for any intruder.  


  •  Set up a home alarm system. A home alarm system can tell you if someone has broken into the house. It would also help if you put a sign outside your place saying that you have an alarm system. 


  • If you are living in a house, keep your shrubs neat and trimmed. If they are overgrown, they can be the perfect hiding place. 


  • Park your car in a well lit area and try not to walk through car parks alone at night. If you see someone suspicious, ask a friend to walk you to your car. 


  • Walk with your keys in your hand, they can be used as a weapon in case of an emergency.


  • You can fool people into thinking there is a man living with you in your house if you leave a pair of men’s boots on your porch. 


  • Do not develop a pattern. Stalkers can pick up on your daily routines if you do them at the same time and in the same way every day. Make sure that you collect your mail at different times of the day, and try to take different routes going to and from work once in a while. 


  • Arrange to call a friend at a specific time of the day just to ensure that you are safely at home. 


  • Cover your windows with curtains to discourage thieves and peeping toms. Don’t leave them open when you leave your residence, and keep them closed at night. 


  • Get to know your neighbors. Introducing yourself and making friends with them will ensure that there are people around to look out for you. It will also help you easily recognise if a stranger seems to be lurking around longer than usual. 


 Preventing crime requires constant vigilance. Even if you have been living somewhere for a long time with no incident, it is still important to watch your back at all times.