Our Vision & Values

Happy times at Probus Housing AssociationProbus Womens Housing Society is a not for profit organisation providing "safe and secure" affordable accommodation for single working women throughout the UK. 

Our accommodation is a mixture of one and two bedroom flats grouped in purpose-built blocks or in period conversions.  We are a gender specific housing society with a target group of single women without dependent children, partners, other family members or other people, however some of our stock is suitable for couples.

The values and beliefs set out over 60 years ago, when the Society was formed, still remain at the heart of the organisation today.  We continue to move forward in providing secure, safe and affordable homes for single women which is essential to achieving independence. We consider the housing needs of single women, many of whom hold key roles of employment in both the private and public sector, and who are necessary to the creation of economically viable and sustainable communities.

Through our network of Letting Agents, applicants and residents are assured they will receive a professional and respectful service at all times. Our agents adhere to a strict Code of Practice and our organisational Policies & Procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect any changing needs and demands.

We proactively pursue opportunities to engage with residents on a regular basis. We encourage and value resident feedback and engagement in helping us improve our service. 

Probus is governed by a Board of Directors, who are responsible for the overall strategic directions of the organisation.